Sunday, January 1, 2017

For Lisa - Firestorm sound not working

1) Make SURE that music and videos work properly outside of SL - can you play music on your computer ? Can you watch YouTube videos without any problem?

2) If the answer to  1) above is YES, then you have  viewer problem, as it doesn't happen that SL audio is down everywhere [Yes it could be not working in one place or another but it is not down everywhere for sure]. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION OF FIRESTORM.

3) Check your volume settings as shown in the picture below

I have voice turned OFF as it often annoys me and I cannot use it with family around, often.
NOTE: You probably know this already but you need to click the music icon to start music:

Make sure that you have STARTED music playback:

by clicking the music icon indicated by the red arrow.

4) If 3) did not fix the problem, there may be a problem with your FS Preferences. Here are two resources from the Wiki:

Audio tab


Yes you will have to read these pages as I do not know your system or what is on it. Here are screenies of my preferences which work for me:

5) If all of the above things do no work for you- have a trusted friend who knows what he / she is doing , log into your account and try to confirm or fix the problem.

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