Sunday, June 25, 2017

Landmark headaches and my new strat

Update 13JUL2017: I have been using the below method for a few weeks now and it has been working great for me! Normally I do not even have to finish typing all of the tag before my ordered list pops up.

I recently deleted all of my landmarks, in a frenzy to organize my SL. Half were bad, and the other half could only be found by going into the inventory folder. I have tried previously a number of different solutions, none of which really satisfied. I love modular solutions, Swiss Army knife thingies - I purchased the Neurolab phone HUD some months back as it had a landmark plugin as well as slots for dance and animations. However, the HUD REALLY slows down in high traffic areas to the point of un-usability. Also, each LM must be re-named as it defaults to showing the region name. And no notes for LM. On the plus side, it holds apparently unlimited LM's and you can easily make new folder categories. But its slow and the last thing I need is one more HUD on screeen [New tip for that coming :)]


I searched MP extensively. One product only holds 20 LM's hahaha, another had reports of memory loss, forgetting LM's, another wanted you to create notecards first,,,, I found nothing really acceptable on MP that was both affordable and truly useful.I actually considered making my own LM notecard, but this also has several problems.

One, if you have ever tried searching a very long note card, you will quickly become frustrated with the limited search capabilities. Although apparently , one can link notecards within notecards, this didn't work for me either. Clicking on the notecard hyperlink within a notecard gives an option to Open or Copy ... but the Open function didn't, at least not for me. I thought to make several category notecards and link them all together , but alas! Also, you have to first find and then Open the notecard which is kind of a hassle.

These are my problems with SL Landmarks:
1) The landmarks themselves can become out-dated as owners and creators move their stores or sims.      Fair enough, nothing we can do.
2) Organizing them is not so easy, and inevitably you end up with several duplicates, which is the       latest one? Its a real pain to keep on top of all these links.

If you are using FireStorm viewer, ALT + H brings up Teleport History which is super useful to me. Of course, there is no gurantee the place you visited 3 weeks ago is still there LOL. Honestly this takes care of  'My Most Visited Places' needs. Done deal, no HUD, no worries. For less often visited places, I am now doing this:

I decided to keep ALL of my landmarks in ONE inventory folder, with tags, for simplicity & convenience. So at least I could use the inventory search function in hopes that 200 items with the word 'Dance' would not come up haha. I made the tag very simply - I preceeded the LM title with 'LM Dance:' , or whichever tag I chose to put.

So yes I might end up with 300 LM's in one folder, but I can at least get a tags list. Without using a HUD.

So the LM will look like this:
LM Dance: Some Hot Dance Club, some sim 300, 250, 22, blah blah blah

Now I only need to open inventory with 'CTL i', type LM Dance: and hit enter. And I will be presented with a list of LM's that have the tag Dance. I could double-tag it as well:
LM Clothes:, LM Booty:, Some super expensive clothes store sim, blah blah

Another advantage of using one folder is not having to CHOOSE a category folder when you first landmark a place. Carefully choosing which category it should go into, as I used to do. Takes too long. I will keep updating this post as needs. If you like this method, please let me know, or share your own method. So far this is working for me.

TIP: In Firestorm viewer , you can add Landmarks to 'Favorites' which creates an actual button on your screen, below the URL bar, for quick access. AND when you first open up your viewer, the favorites places are available for you to initially log into, as in the case if you don't want to start at your HOME position for whatever reason. Or cannot, due to rolling restart of sim.

Why do I keep complaining on HUDs? I am sick of them stealing screen space yes even with a decent size monitor, tired of bringing them up, tired of wondering if they causing me to lag. I am all meshed up as they say, there are lots of Huddies already to deal with .... so if I can find solutions to things WITHOUT involving another HUD, I will.

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