Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hair Fair VENT

I recently went to the Second Life 2017 Hair Fair and I have to say that , while I DID find some wonderful new hair- shame on the organizers for the most ridiculous Fair layout I have ever seen.

By all means , do go- but read the following.

Being not all that bright, I followed my ususal policy of collecting demos to take home and leisurely try them on. When I went back in the afternoon, I was immediately face with a giant problem - can't relocate the stores. I had a premonition of this while shopping intially but I met up with a friend there, and you know......

Area search simply doesn't work, the map that you land in front of has no store names, there is not even a 'C4' type parking lot type of sign for a block of stores. Zero, nada. In adddition, although the stores DO have a sign out front, this doesn't help when there are TWO huge sims and each store looks exactly like the next. I saw many Avi's floating in the air like me, trying to cam in on store signs.

Yes, I understand that the organizers want to expose you to as many vendors as possible, but this is insane. It sure doesn't help buyers, and on the flip side I don't see how it really helps the hair sellers either. There needs to be a balance. Suppose I only wanted to see new Exile hairs? Good luck finding it. I searched online and at both sims for some type of 'Shopping HUD' to teleport around. No luck Charlie Brown. If there is ANY Help around, it should have been available right at the sim landing point(s). Generally at Fairs, trying to Landmark a specific store also doesn't work as all of your LM's will simply take you back to the landing point.

OK I have developed a new personal policy for Fair shopping, but that is a response to the insane layouts and I really don't see this as a plus. I would much rather try on my demos at home, instead of having to make a buy or not buy decision in the store? Aside from THAT, how could one even plan to explore the sims like this? Just wander up and down until your little avi collapses from exhaustion?

The WORST shopping experience that I have ever had in SL. Ever.

P.S. For any person or vendor that will respond by saying "Oh you should have done this or that, there was this or that thing available. I don't give a piece of peach pie!! It should have been clearly stated and readily available AT THE LANDING POINT.

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  1. Hopefully some lessons to learn from for next year.