Thursday, July 13, 2017

HUD craziness

We all have numerous HUDs [Heads Up Display] to deal with in SL, even more so if you wear a mesh head or mesh body. As part of my SL organization towards lean & clean vs. Big Hot Mess, I have been wondering about how to deal with all the HUDs I use, or at least the most common ones. I do realize that it is not going to be possible, probably, to have all of them ready to hand. The following are just my own opinions and trials.

My first thought was to use my wonderful CTS Wardrobe to do this, and yes it works. However my wardrobe itself has a HUD which is not always up, and I decline to keep it up througout my entire SL day. In addition - it is a lot of clicks to bring up one HUD. I DO have friends that use the Wardrobe for this purpose.

I tried the Z&A HUD Manager [See previous post by the same name] but for the reasons given I decided to try something else.

I am not completely satisfied with this solution, either. One could also make a folder in inventory and keep all your HUDs there. CTL + I to bring up inventory, type HUDZ or whatever to show your folder contents.

My second thought was a tip from a friend who suggested using the Firestorm Viewer Outfits pop-up. I have been using this as the Outfits button is always on the bottom of my screen in the toolbar. Basically I click the button and then click the Outfits tab and select the folder which I named 'AAA'. Imaginative, huh? This gives me a list of HUDS which I have placed there. And then I can simply add or detach from there. 3 clicks minimum. What I like is that this is a Firestorm-provided solution which is already present and no extra hud on-screen to deal with. And probably there is also a keyboard shortcut to pop-up the thing....

Fewest possible clicks please we are all busy....

I am using the Outfits method - for now. Please share your tips if you have any, below.

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