Thursday, July 13, 2017

Z&A HUD Manager

I had purchased a HUD manager Z&A HUD Manager which works well but also has some problems I wish the creator would address and then it would be perfect. One problem is that you are limited to nine folders [inside your #RLV folder] and while each folder could contain multiple HUDs, in practise there is a small number of HUDs you can place in each. I believe that, one is limited to 9 HUDs total with this solution. Not enough ....

The creator it seems, has designed this menu with a very specific problem in mind [Perhaps builders?] , and of course I want to use it a bit differently LOL. I do not need or want to lock or unlock my HUDs, I simply want to get them up on my screen in the shortest possible time. Here you can see above that you will press the 'ADD' button to get to your list. In addition, after you do add your HUD, it will pop back up in case you wish to add more HUDs, which is slightly annoying after awhile [to me anyway].

Still, it works and very well. Can't beat the price which is zero Lindens, either. And the HUD [Yes! A HUD for for your HUDs] is very small so that is good. You DO need RLV enabled for this to work. Here is a picture which contains the small on-screen ICON or HUD, the one which shows a PLUS MINUS sign:

This misled me at first into believing that it actually had two functions but it does not- you can click the + or - but it brings up always the dialog in the first picture. Please Mr. Fairport keep working on this! This could go from 4 stars to five very easily I think. I don't even need a 'detach' function - its actually faster for me for to right click a HUD and detach than use this.

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